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•   David Garofano (Garofano)  7/25
•   Maureen Zielski (Marasca)  7/24
•   Nancy Marotta (Spignese)  2/21
•   Jeff Town  2/20
•   Stephen Shepard  2/19
•   Brad Armstrong  9/21
•   Terry Flynn (Shunda)  8/4
•   Paul Klussmann  12/15
•   Debbie Colten (Ferguson)  9/2
•   Sandy Cunningham  1/24
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

1 lives in Alabama
1 lives in Alaska
3 live in Arizona
5 live in California
4 live in Colorado
3 live in Connecticut
13 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
2 live in Louisiana
3 live in Maine
3 live in Maryland
190 live in Massachusetts
1 lives in Minnesota
32 live in New Hampshire
4 live in New Jersey
2 live in New York
2 live in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
2 live in Tennessee
2 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
3 live in Virginia
1 lives in Greece
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Japan
207 location unknown
23 are deceased


•   Lee Raucci (Merrill)  10/2
•   Elaine Discipio (Hoctor-de Vos)  10/4
•   Renee LaVoie (Lucente)  10/4
•   Dennis Comeau  10/16
•   Andrew Rocco  10/16
•   Judit Csikos (Csikos-Lamb)  10/18
•   Dianne Alexander (Macrides)  10/19
•   Susan Cain (Marc)  10/20
•   Donna Magulas (Dewsnap)  10/20
•   Tim McGinn  10/20
•   Ted Grevelis  10/26
•   Jeff Schopperle  10/29
•   Tim Flynn  10/31
•   Sean Kavanagh  11/1
•   Vincent Lepore  11/1
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Happy Spring

**Colleen is in the process of updating class information.  Please let me know if there is new, old, updated information that you would like to add to our class page! 


Remember, if you are planning a

visit back home, let us know!

We can send out emails and reunite with friends!


~Colleen Newell Derrivan













Want to go back in time?  Check out the 1983 History/Videos in the left column. 


Thank you Colleen for planning such an amazing reunion!  What a blast!  It's always so great to see's as if no time has passed.  Check out the pictures I posted from the reunion-under my profile.   I wish I had taken more!  -Hilary Morrison (Roman)

What a great  time!! It was so much fun seeing everyone again and finding out what everyone has been up to the past 25 years. Colleen you  planned a wonderful evening for everyone, thank you for all your hard work.  - Amy Friedman Lee

Colleen, let me join the chorus singing your praises for all your hard work.  I'm sorry I couldn't make it but look forward to catching up with folks when I can travel back East now that we all have contact info!  This website is a great idea!  I look forward to seeing more pics!!!!!!  Hilary's are great!  Thanks! -Sean "Bentley" Kavanagh

So good to see everyone the other night lots of fun remembering the good ol'  times. I say we all get together with Colleen as the guest of honor she deserves it for all her hard work. -Cally Andreadakis Beresford

I just wanted to say how great it was to see everyone after 25 years.  This was my first reunion and it was unforgettable!!! Colleen, You are simply an amazing person to put this all together!!  No one in this class should ever stop thanking you for the hard work and dedication you have shown us all.I wish you all the best and hope to be around for the next one. -Ed Maitland

Thank you Colleen for planning a great reunion.  That was a lot of work.  Especially having to move the reunion location.  You are a force of nature.  It was great to see so many people that I haven't seen in such a long time.  This website has been fantastic too.  Great profiles and pictures. -Marcy Onos Mason

Colleen, thanks for an awesome reunion!  We had a great time Saturday night.  There were three people I hadn't seen since High School that I was so happy to get a chance to reconnect with.  Twenty-five years is a long time, but once we started talking, it was so good to see there was still a friendship foundation there.  You and "Ron" throw a terrific party!   -Elaine Sherrick Valente

Colleen, Thanks for keeping the reunions going. It is fun to see friends from school. It keeps the memory working therefore keeps us young. Thanks also to all those who helped out. It is amazing to see that most everyone looks the same or better. We class of 83 have aged very well.  -Renee (LaVoie) Lucente

Due to unforseen circumstances, I couldn't make it up from NYC.  Really sorry I missed it and would have loved to catch up with everyone.  Glad to hear it was such a success.  Colleen, thanks so much for all you did and perhaps a committee can be formed for the next one so you don't have to do all the work yourself (I'll help). - Best,  Evie Hantzopoulos